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24 (Freshman Seminar)* 1 unit only (14 contact hours)
39 (Freshman & Sophomore Seminar)* 1.5 units (21 contact hours), 2 units (28 contact hours), 3 units (42 contact hours) or 4 units (56 contact hours)
84 (Sophomore Seminar)* 1 unit (14 contact hours) or 2 units (28 contact hours)
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* A few departments may use numbers other than 24, 39 and 84. Select the intended audience for your seminar and we will confirm the course number.
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The recommended limit for one-unit seminars is 15 to a maximum of 18. For more-unit seminars we can go as high as 25. If you want a lower or higher limit than the recommended, please enter it above.

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Are you interested in participating in the FSS Food for Thought Program?

Food for Thought seminars (link opens in new window) enable you to continue your seminar discussions in a more informal setting, over lunch or dinner at a residential hall dining commons. This option is available for seminars enrolling freshmen only -- seminars enrolling sophomores are not eligible.
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Is your seminar part of 150 Years of Women at Berkeley?

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Please describe here the kind of students you had in mind as you were conceiving and designing the course. We are not recommending instructor approval, but if you prefer this enrollment option, please state so here, inform your department's scheduler, and provide explicit enrollment instructions to be included on the website.

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